Freeze frame

In my last project I used a number of still images to suggest that a meeting in a park is being watched by a third unseen character.  My original idea had been to show the scene of the meeting in the park followed by a repeat performance as a collection of still images.  However, when I came to editing the scene i had another idea to inter splice the stills with the action.  This made the editing a bit more complicated for my minimal experience; but it helped keep the film short and paced and as my Tutor pointed out ramped up the drama.  I would like to say that this was a  eureka moment for me; but I think that in reality it was just a sparked memory from countless other films that have used something similar that I have watched over the years.  I can not say that I had made any mental notes to this type of technique; but I have probably seen these idea before many times and is now locked in to my subconscious.

My Tutor suggested that I watch a documentary by Tom Sutcliffe, called ‘Freeze’

This was very interesting and my last shot in my short-film is a still image which appears to be considered by many in the film-making industry as a little cliche.  Ironically I only used the image as it seemed logical to end the film with a still rather than an empty-frame.  I am glad that I had not seen this documentary first or I might have been tempted to end on an empty frame to avoid a cliche and I think the film works better with the still.  I am glad to have been made aware of this documentary series and i have began watching others.  All these ideas and techniques I can store in to my mental toolbox that I can later employ when appropriate.

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