Project Film – Single-shot-drama

Password: shaun512659 The screenplay – The Nag This is a short-film shot in one long-take which includes wide-shots, mid-shots and close-ups, framing, camera-movement and angles. I first looked at the technical challenge and quickly decided that hand-held was my only real option.  I have a basic steady-cam frame and I looked at mounting my Tascam Digital … More Project Film – Single-shot-drama

Blocking Diagrams

In this exercise I have sketched a blocking-plot using a blocking-diagrams that I have taken from the movie ‘The Stranger’ Directed by and starring Orson Welles.  I this scene a character (the visitor) is looking for the character of Orson Welles (Charles Rankin) he knocks of the door and is invited in my Mary, Rankin’s … More Blocking Diagrams

Viewing – The Golden Section / Rule of Thirds.

I always try to keep the rule-of-thirds in mind when ever I am photographing and I believe these examples from my first assignment can demonstrate this.   In this composition I put the main subject fairly central to the picture then zoomed out to a more golden-section style composition. This I think makes for a … More Viewing – The Golden Section / Rule of Thirds.

Project Film – Subjective and Objective For this project I have made a short silent-film using the subjective and objective POV for presenting my narrative. The story is simple Joe returning home receives a text from his girlfriend arranging to meet him after work.  He quickly has a cup of tea and shower and having dressed to go out discovers his keys … More Project Film – Subjective and Objective

Exercise – Experimenting with lighting design (Bracketing)

In this exercise I have used a method known as bracketing in which three exposures of the same subject are made.  ideally the subject should not move and the camera must be mounted on a tripod.  The first exposure is made at the camera’s / light-meter’s recommended setting then another exposure over-exposed by 1-3 stops … More Exercise – Experimenting with lighting design (Bracketing)