Whilst working on my short-film for assignment 3, I have been using my Tascom digital audio recorder and shotgun microphone for better audio reproduction.  This has been a continuing learning-curve as the instruction manual tells you where to find each function in it’s menu system; but doesn’t explain what the functions do or what they … More Sound


Jaws – I can not say how many times I have watched this movie from the first time in the cinema when I was about 12 in 1976 to the present day. Now I watch the movie from the point-of-view of a student film-maker and I am appreciating the classic film-making techniques that Spielberg employed … More Jaws

Layers of sound

Whilst in Spain on holiday I took some shots to use in my work and the following day retraced my steps with a digital recorder to record the local atmosphere which I couldn’t do whilst filming.  As I put together the various shots for a new project and add the sound I can now begin … More Layers of sound


Whilst on holiday in Spain, I brought with me my DSLR a couple of lenses and a couple of speed-lights.  As I had to carry these on a plane I couldn’t bring a tripod or light-stands; so I had a couple of Gorilla hand-grips to improvise with.  I wanted to get some nice pictures of … More Chinese-lanterns

Billy Elliot

  ‘Billy Elliot‘ has some good film-making techniques worth noting, Directed by Stephen Daldry, Editor, John Wilson, Cinematographer, Brian Tufano. A scene with Billy and a local girl walking together the girl is dragging a stick along the metal rails of a wall then the rail ends and the girl continues to drag her stick but … More Billy Elliot

Message in a Bottle

‘Message in a Bottle’ directed by Luis Mandoki, Cinematographer, Caleb Deschanel, Editor, Steven Weisberg, starring Kevin Costner,Robin Wright-Penn,  Paul Newman and Robbie Coltrain. My wife found this video in my mother’s flat in Spain and we watched it one night whilst on holiday.  I felt that I must blog a particular bridging method that the … More Message in a Bottle