Tutor’s feedback for assignment 4

Shaun Mullins Ass. Fback 04

I was overall pleased and relieved that my Tutor liked my work and that he was in agreement that it met the criteria.  I can now confidently move on to my last assignment.

I take on board my Tutor’s comments regarding being more creative with the story by adding more mystery; but I wanted to be sure that I met the criteria and to keep the story simple and uncomplicated, in case I derailed from my objective.

One area that I still draw critisism is my focusing and my Tutor has suggested that I invested in a focus-puller.  I was not aware such a thing existed for my level of photography and thanks to my Tutor I found them and ordered one through Amazon.  The reason for the criticism on this occasion was a very short shot of my wife watching the kettle, this was cut from a longer take which was a dolly-shot using a slider.  I realise that in the distance the camera moved during this shot the camera moved out of the focused zone of depth-of-field.  This could possibly have been controlled by either using a focus-puller or simply using a another aperture setting.  I was using film-lighting; so a smaller aperture may have been possible.  I have also invested in a large LED screen and combined with my camera’s ability to magnify I hope to have resolved this issue for future projects.

I have corrected the sound continuity problem that my Tutor notices in scene 02 and I have created a The Meeting-1 version and uploaded to Vimeo.  Please see the attached link above.

I am falling behind in my course work; but I am trying to catchup and I need to get it completed at the very least before I submit all my work for formal assessment.

In summary:

I must finish my course work.

I need to further my research as advised.

I think that I am now on top of my focusing issue.

I will try to be a little more creative for my next assignment.

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