Photoshop School

I have now completed three courses with OCA ‘The Art of Photography’, ‘Context & Narrative’ and ‘Setting the Scene’ and I have read a great deal of books for these subjects.  However, I felt that my reading seriously neglected my knowledge of photo editing and with the completion of ‘Setting the Scene’ and before beginning … More Photoshop School

Freeze frame

In my last project I used a number of still images to suggest that a meeting in a park is being watched by a third unseen character.  My original idea had been to show the scene of the meeting in the park followed by a repeat performance as a collection of still images.  However, when … More Freeze frame

Studio Lighting

I have been filming a project called, ‘The Headache’ and I am employing my studio lights more and more as I get more familiar with them.  By using studio lights I have a greater control of my exposure and a choice of aperture settings for depth-of-field, in this case my light-meter recommended f/11.  In this … More Studio Lighting