Mise-en-Scene and mise-en-shot for assignment V

The mise-en-scene for this film required some props.  I needed to buy a suitable whistle which I had engraved with the words Roubar, Llamer, Lamentar and I wanted the costume to suggest the past, say the 1930’s and then the epilogue to bring the audience up to date with a modern contemporary feel.  For the … More Mise-en-Scene and mise-en-shot for assignment V

Call Sheets

Having created spreadsheets for my shooting-list for this assignment, I then kept my producing hat on and created spreadsheets for a calling-list in order to work out how much time was needed to film the required shots for my movie.  This was also important for my cast and crew members who will need to know … More Call Sheets


Having written my screenplay, made up a shooting list and created a call-sheet, I then drew my storyboard ideas for photographing assignment 5.  This will guide me with my composition and helps me to prepare ideas before the day of the shoot.  Not all my final shots may match my sketches but the sketches helps … More Storyboard

Editing assignment 5

I began editing my short-film for assignment 5 straight-away as I shot the scenes and worked on them constantly improving them as I progressed through the project adding fresh ideas and making small improvements as my experience grew. Compound Clips One of the first techniques that I utilised that I had learned from my Final-Cut-Pro, … More Editing assignment 5

The Shooting List

For my last assignment  I must make a ten minute long film which will require a lot of different scenes, locations and story development.  I have had to write a comprehensive screenplay and so in order to be sure that I get all the footage for film and audio content I have created a shooting … More The Shooting List

The Pitch

“If you found something that was lost, have you the right to keep it? Somethings are best left alone.” THE PITCH The Pitch For assignment 5

The Log Line

Perkins is still grieving for his dog.  He revisits a place by the sea where he would walk his dog and it is here he makes a fateful discovery… LOG LINE The log-line For assignment 5