Viewing – Mise-en-scene

In this exercise I chose the movie ‘The Stranger’  to illustrate how the careful thought and use of mise-en-scene has been used to good effect.

I found this film in a charity-shop, it was directed and starred Orson Welles with Edward G Robinson and Loretta Young.  Made in just after the war this film-noir style film packs atmosphere, mood, suspense and high-drama.


In this shot we only see a pipe being  smoked, the mes-en-scene intention is to create a little mystery who is it?  The audience can guess that he is watching a man we have just seen walk out of the shadows and the audience may guess that it is Edward G Robinson whom we saw in the last scene smoking a pipe.

In this scene Franze Kindler played by Orson Welles enters the bedroom of his wife whom he plans to murder.

How does the scene feel?  This scene suggests a feeling of anxiety, danger, suspense

How has this been achieved? – Using  light and shadow and sound through the music.

Has the mise-en-scene played a part in this?  Yes, the lighting and shadow to create a chiaroscuro effect, the bed and bedside table visible to establish location and other un-important items shaded.

Is there any meaning conveyed by the mise-en-scene?  I believe Orson Welles’ intention is to convey a sense of threat to innocents and suggest that no-where is safe.

Analyse my Clothes film assignment with the above.


In my first assignment I tried to use the theory of mes-en-scene as best as I could starting with my first shot which was a set-up to establish the story.  I set the camera to under-expose to shade-out the surrounding objects to direct the attention to the phone that is illuminated.


In this scene I arranged the shoes to be scattered around the floor creating a sense of disorder and confusion as Sarah decides what shoes to wear.


In this scene I deliberately wanted the odd shoes air fresheners in the shot and in a prominent position to be noticed but not in full focus to be too obvious as these were too act as a motif that I was running throughout the film ending with my character arriving to meet her friend and discovering she is wearing odd shoes.

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