Blocking Diagrams

Blocking Diagram

In this exercise I have sketched a blocking-plot using a blocking-diagrams that I have taken from the movie ‘The Stranger’ Directed by and starring Orson Welles.  I this scene a character (the visitor) is looking for the character of Orson Welles (Charles Rankin) he knocks of the door and is invited in my Mary, Rankin’s fiance.

The scene starts with Mary opening the door and the visitor pushes his way in saying his first line and he closes the door, Mary says her first line.  The visitor moves forward and camera moves back he speaks his next line, Mary follows but moves only half the distance made by the visitor to make foreground, mid-ground, background composition and speaks her next line, visitor speaks next line.  Mary now comes forward, visitor speaks next line, Mary speaks line, visitor speaks line Mary speaks line the move back towards door to chair in the corner, camera moves forward.

A useful tool to help block a scene and a good method for planning and filming a scene.


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