Visions of Light

Visions of Light (1992) This is a DVD copy of a documentary film about the history and development cinematography techniques as practiced by the cinematographers (or as they are some known the CPs). This is a very interesting documentary that tells the story from the earliest moments in the history of cinema up to the … More Visions of Light

‘How to Shoot a Motion Picture’ by Ivan Watson

‘How to Shoot a Motion Picture, twelve golden rules for better camerawork.’ I picked this book up in a charity shop, published in 1979 by The Macmillan Press Ltd, ISBN: 0-333-25630-1, Author: Ivan Watson.  This is a great little book that simply sets out twelve golden rules that professional film-makers follow to produce professional looking … More ‘How to Shoot a Motion Picture’ by Ivan Watson

Yield To The Night

Yield To The Night, is film well worth watching as a filmmaker, made in the late 1950’s as a protest against capital punishment and inspired by the hanging of Ruth Ellis. The acting, cinematography, lighting, screenplay, direction, editing and use of sound are all worth looking at very closely,  and is valuable to anyone who … More Yield To The Night

Project Film – Single-shot-drama

Password: shaun512659 The screenplay – The Nag This is a short-film shot in one long-take which includes wide-shots, mid-shots and close-ups, framing, camera-movement and angles. I first looked at the technical challenge and quickly decided that hand-held was my only real option.  I have a basic steady-cam frame and I looked at mounting my Tascam Digital … More Project Film – Single-shot-drama

Studio Lighting

I have been filming a project called, ‘The Headache’ and I am employing my studio lights more and more as I get more familiar with them.  By using studio lights I have a greater control of my exposure and a choice of aperture settings for depth-of-field, in this case my light-meter recommended f/11.  In this … More Studio Lighting

Reflection on my Formative feedback for Assignment 3

Shaun Mullins Ass. Fback 03 Overall Comments I am happy and relieved that my Tutor was happy with my assignment ‘Conflict’.  I have been criticised in the past of over-complicating my work, on previous courses; so I am now much more mindful to try to keep things simple.  My biggest fault is that I tend … More Reflection on my Formative feedback for Assignment 3