Now Write

Now Write

Now Write, Edited by Sherry Ellis, Published by Penguin.  ISBN: 1-58542-522-2

I have just read, ‘Now Write’ edited by Sherry Ellis which is a book full of writing exercises by mostly American Authors/Lecturers for their students to help writers develop ideas, characters, dialogue, plot and pacing, setting and description and revising the manuscript for final-draft.

Not really anything to do with photography; but I was interested in learning how other artists from another field develop ideas and further develop their work.  However, if I was to write a short-story for film making or even as a picture essay some of the exercises in this book could be adapted and employed to develop such projects.

I found this to be a very good book and one day when I am retired I may just use this book to write that novel we all have inside us.


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