Project – Narrative form and structure

Looking over the ten exercises that I have completed I have a mix of ideas that are not very well connected.  However, by jotting them down I am beginning to get ideas.

My first exercises was from life and I discussed the death of my mother-in-law that i had a rocky relationship with.  My main problem with her was her dominating character that held back her three loving daughters who were always trying to please her whilst she always found subtle ways to put them down and reduce their self-esteem.  This had major consequences an all of their lives my wife less so as she was always the most independent but the worst to suffer the consequences of my mother-in-laws behaviour was her youngest daughter and the most devoted.

Taking ideas from the other exercises’ I have got an idea for a story that is sadly not as far fetched as it should be and I strongly believe is a serious unaddressed issue in todays’ society.

I recently read about a con man who meets his victims on dating sites and carefully vetting his victims looking for middle aged professional woman, ideally living with their parents.  These are the type of women who are usually middle-class and have had good schooling and college but not had many boyfriends and are naive when it comes to relationships.  Also as they live at home they are likely to dream of adventure; so when the tall, dark and handsome character boasting of his rich independent life-style and his secret connections with the CIA and MI5 comes there way they are easily hooked.  How do I know this?  Well, apart from the Daily Mail story, I have a long history of brushing shoulders with these characters going as far back as my childhood, meeting them in Spain when I was on holiday where my parents own an apartment and more recently closer to home and family.

Drawing on these ideas I first simply wrote a story that I adapted for my screenplay

Narrative form and structure

Then having the story down on paper I wrote out my screenplay.

Narrative form and structure-2

I decided upon the name HappyEverafter.con


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