‘How to Shoot a Motion Picture’ by Ivan Watson

‘How to Shoot a Motion Picture, twelve golden rules for better camerawork.’ I picked this book up in a charity shop, published in 1979 by The Macmillan Press Ltd, ISBN: 0-333-25630-1, Author: Ivan Watson.  This is a great little book that simply sets out twelve golden rules that professional film-makers follow to produce professional looking … More ‘How to Shoot a Motion Picture’ by Ivan Watson

Yield To The Night

Yield To The Night, is film well worth watching as a filmmaker, made in the late 1950’s as a protest against capital punishment and inspired by the hanging of Ruth Ellis. The acting, cinematography, lighting, screenplay, direction, editing and use of sound are all worth looking at very closely,  and is valuable to anyone who … More Yield To The Night


As recommended by my college I found Samsara on YouTube which is a very good film and certainly a classic.  This is a good example of kaleidoscope shots used to create and tell a narrative.  Filmed in Nepal the film-makers have used all sorts of different types of shots in their scenes from wide to … More Samsara

White Balance for assignment V in Lightroom

I am currently reading ‘The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC / Lightroom 6 Book by Martin Evening and I have come to an interesting section regarding video editing in Lightroom.  I use Lightroom to import all my photography including my video; but all editing has been automatically done through Final-Cut-Pro. I hade a small issue with … More White Balance for assignment V in Lightroom

Call Sheets

Having created spreadsheets for my shooting-list for this assignment, I then kept my producing hat on and created spreadsheets for a calling-list in order to work out how much time was needed to film the required shots for my movie.  This was also important for my cast and crew members who will need to know … More Call Sheets