‘How to Shoot a Motion Picture’ by Ivan Watson

‘How to Shoot a Motion Picture, twelve golden rules for better camerawork.’ I picked this book up in a charity shop, published in 1979 by The Macmillan Press Ltd, ISBN: 0-333-25630-1, Author: Ivan Watson.  This is a great little book that simply sets out twelve golden rules that professional film-makers follow to produce professional looking … More ‘How to Shoot a Motion Picture’ by Ivan Watson

Pruning a Lilly

One of my guilty passions is the original movie ALIEN guilty passion, because being both horror a science-fiction it falls in to the nerdy genre.  However, as a movie I believe it to be a piece of art and I hope that the Director Ridley Scott is never tempted to do a George Lucas and … More Pruning a Lilly

Editing assignment 5

I began editing my short-film for assignment 5 straight-away as I shot the scenes and worked on them constantly improving them as I progressed through the project adding fresh ideas and making small improvements as my experience grew. Compound Clips One of the first techniques that I utilised that I had learned from my Final-Cut-Pro, … More Editing assignment 5


As my course progresses I am now required to start writing screenplays as part of my assignment work and I thought it would be a good idea to find a book that covers this subject to help me.  I have just read a good student text book called Screenwriting from the Basics Film-Making series, published … More Screenwriting

The Language of Film

This is a very good book to read from the series of books called Basics Filmmaking, this volume is by Robert Edgar, John Marland and Steven Rawle, published by Bloomsbury, ISBN: 978 -1-4725-7524-1. Divided into seven chapters, Semiotics, Narrative, Intertextuality, Ideology, Frames and Images, Sound and the last chapter is Constructing Meaning.  Each chapter provides … More The Language of Film


Jaws – I can not say how many times I have watched this movie from the first time in the cinema when I was about 12 in 1976 to the present day. Now I watch the movie from the point-of-view of a student film-maker and I am appreciating the classic film-making techniques that Spielberg employed … More Jaws

A modern Kuleshov effect.

In reading David Bordwell’s blogs, http://www.davidbordwell.net/blog/2008/04/03/truly-madly-cinematically/  I learned about a Hong-Kong film called ‘The Mad Detective’, Directed by Johnnie To.  This film is about a cop who has the power to see people’s hidden personalities as individual spirits. To convey this hidden power to the audience the film-maker has used POV as a tool to … More A modern Kuleshov effect.