Photoshop School

I have now completed three courses with OCA ‘The Art of Photography’, ‘Context & Narrative’ and ‘Setting the Scene’ and I have read a great deal of books for these subjects.  However, I felt that my reading seriously neglected my knowledge of photo editing and with the completion of ‘Setting the Scene’ and before beginning … More Photoshop School

The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC / Lightroom 6

I have just read this book for a better understanding of Lightroom.  I first discovered Lightroom when I took up photography again and began to learn about the art of digital photography.  After a bit of research I purchased Adobe Photoshop Elements and got the basic principles of how it worked but I struggled to … More The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC / Lightroom 6

Editing assignment 5

I began editing my short-film for assignment 5 straight-away as I shot the scenes and worked on them constantly improving them as I progressed through the project adding fresh ideas and making small improvements as my experience grew. Compound Clips One of the first techniques that I utilised that I had learned from my Final-Cut-Pro, … More Editing assignment 5


BEFORE AFTER Up to know I have simply been using Lightroom to Import video clips to my computer in order to keep them filed in the same order as my still images, then in Final-Cut-Pro I have imported across for all my editing.  I thought that apart from Import there were no other features in … More Lightroom

Exercise – Experimenting with lighting design (Bracketing)

In this exercise I have used a method known as bracketing in which three exposures of the same subject are made.  ideally the subject should not move and the camera must be mounted on a tripod.  The first exposure is made at the camera’s / light-meter’s recommended setting then another exposure over-exposed by 1-3 stops … More Exercise – Experimenting with lighting design (Bracketing)

Hollywood Glamour Portraits Edited by John Kobal

Hollywood Glamor Portraits, edited by John Kobal, published by Dover Publication, ISBN: 13: 978-0-486-23352-9  ISBN: 10: 0-486-23352-9 This book was inspired by a picture exhibition at the V&A (Victoria & Albert Museum) in 1972.  The exhibition was so successful it went on to tour the UK and USA.  Show-piecing the work of the portrait photographers … More Hollywood Glamour Portraits Edited by John Kobal