Yield To The Night

Yield To The Night, is film well worth watching as a filmmaker, made in the late 1950’s as a protest against capital punishment and inspired by the hanging of Ruth Ellis. The acting, cinematography, lighting, screenplay, direction, editing and use of sound are all worth looking at very closely,  and is valuable to anyone who … More Yield To The Night

Film language

As part of my reading I have read much about ‘film-language’ I am finding this is a little bit mysterious but intriguing.  I have been trying to understand this aspect of film-making and I have noticed that colour appears to play a big part in film-language.  For example I recently saw a film called Las … More Film language


I have just seen the movie Dunkirk, which I watched at the small cinema theatre at Shepperton Studios. The film was very good.  The four main film-making techniques that sprang to my attention in the production: The first was the use of a non-linear timeline for the story which followed the action this was explained … More Dunkirk

Spatial and Temporal Discontinuity – The jump-cut

The term spatial discontinuity editing refers to shots edited together that may not directly relate to one another for reasons of specific motivations.  For example to juxtapose two subjects together to convey a message or create symbolism. ‘Strike’ 1925, Sergei Eisenstein uses spatial discontinuity editing in this scene splicing the scene running crowd with a … More Spatial and Temporal Discontinuity – The jump-cut