Having written my screenplay, made up a shooting list and created a call-sheet, I then drew my storyboard ideas for photographing assignment 5.  This will guide me with my composition and helps me to prepare ideas before the day of the shoot.  Not all my final shots may match my sketches but the sketches helps … More Storyboard


I have just seen the movie Dunkirk, which I watched at the small cinema theatre at Shepperton Studios. The film was very good.  The four main film-making techniques that sprang to my attention in the production: The first was the use of a non-linear timeline for the story which followed the action this was explained … More Dunkirk

The Language of Film

This is a very good book to read from the series of books called Basics Filmmaking, this volume is by Robert Edgar, John Marland and Steven Rawle, published by Bloomsbury, ISBN: 978 -1-4725-7524-1. Divided into seven chapters, Semiotics, Narrative, Intertextuality, Ideology, Frames and Images, Sound and the last chapter is Constructing Meaning.  Each chapter provides … More The Language of Film


Jaws – I can not say how many times I have watched this movie from the first time in the cinema when I was about 12 in 1976 to the present day. Now I watch the movie from the point-of-view of a student film-maker and I am appreciating the classic film-making techniques that Spielberg employed … More Jaws

Billy Elliot

  ‘Billy Elliot‘ has some good film-making techniques worth noting, Directed by Stephen Daldry, Editor, John Wilson, Cinematographer, Brian Tufano. A scene with Billy and a local girl walking together the girl is dragging a stick along the metal rails of a wall then the rail ends and the girl continues to drag her stick but … More Billy Elliot

Blocking Diagrams

In this exercise I have sketched a blocking-plot using a blocking-diagrams that I have taken from the movie ‘The Stranger’ Directed by and starring Orson Welles.  I this scene a character (the visitor) is looking for the character of Orson Welles (Charles Rankin) he knocks of the door and is invited in my Mary, Rankin’s … More Blocking Diagrams

Viewing – The Golden Section / Rule of Thirds.

I always try to keep the rule-of-thirds in mind when ever I am photographing and I believe these examples from my first assignment can demonstrate this.   In this composition I put the main subject fairly central to the picture then zoomed out to a more golden-section style composition. This I think makes for a … More Viewing – The Golden Section / Rule of Thirds.