Pruning a Lilly

One of my guilty passions is the original movie ALIEN guilty passion, because being both horror a science-fiction it falls in to the nerdy genre.  However, as a movie I believe it to be a piece of art and I hope that the Director Ridley Scott is never tempted to do a George Lucas and … More Pruning a Lilly

Photoshop School

I have now completed three courses with OCA ‘The Art of Photography’, ‘Context & Narrative’ and ‘Setting the Scene’ and I have read a great deal of books for these subjects.  However, I felt that my reading seriously neglected my knowledge of photo editing and with the completion of ‘Setting the Scene’ and before beginning … More Photoshop School

Final Portrait

I have just seen the movie, ‘Final Portrait’, written and directed by Stanley Tucci.  This is a wonderful film to watch with great performances from Geoffrey Rush playing the part of Alberto Giacometti an artist living in Paris with his wife played by Sylvia Testud, his model and mistress played by Clemence Poesy and an American art … More Final Portrait


As my course progresses I am now required to start writing screenplays as part of my assignment work and I thought it would be a good idea to find a book that covers this subject to help me.  I have just read a good student text book called Screenwriting from the Basics Film-Making series, published … More Screenwriting

Video Art

Video Art by Michael Rush. This book examines the work of Artists who have used video as part of or as there main medium for art.  This book explains this category of video which is performance art produced by artist who either have chosen to specialize in producing art through the medium of video or … More Video Art