Formal Assessment Result

512659 Shaun Mullins MI4STS letter     512659 Shaun Mullins MI4STS marksheet

I have passed!

As a result of my formal assessment I have now achieved my 120 credits from my three assessments to safely move on to my next level and towards my final degree.

This course was a big learning-curve for me as I have never done film-making before and I had never used my camera to record videos.  I am happy with what I have learned and achieved.  My assessors comments are fare and if I get more opportunities to make films in the future I am confident my new skills will improve with practice.  This course helped me achieve a private ambition to make a film, I now know that I can do it, I have the equipment and the know how to make something to be proud of.  I have also learned a great deal about movies themselves such as film-language, something I had never heard of before or even considered; but now when I watch films I look for and see the film-language in use and it adds a new layer to my enjoyment of the film.

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