Photoshop School

I have now completed three courses with OCA ‘The Art of Photography’, ‘Context & Narrative’ and ‘Setting the Scene’ and I have read a great deal of books for these subjects.  However, I felt that my reading seriously neglected my knowledge of photo editing and with the completion of ‘Setting the Scene’ and before beginning my next level towards a degree I felt that it was important to me to try to get a much better understanding of the photo editing suits that I am using so that my standard of work can improve and my editing can become much more efficient and less of a chore.  the above magazine-books have been published by popular periodicals that provide a great range of practical exercises that are supplemented with DVD tutorials a example images to manipulate along with the appropriate exercise.  I have read these in conjunction with more formally written books regarding Photoshop, Lightroom, Adobe Camera Raw and printing digital photos.

As I am studying for my degree from home I have the disadvantage of not having the benefit of classroom tutorial for practical subject such as photo-editing therefor I am forced to read a lot more about the subject than my college student would need in order to learn as much as he or she would learn from a classroom.  These book-magazine with there accompanying DVDs will be useful to refer to when I have a specific project that requires Photoshop editing and I will know of a technique and I can quickly find the exercise to refresh my memory.

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