Tutor’s feedback for Assignment 1

Shaun Mullins SS Ass. Fback 01 (2)

This was my first attempt ever at making a film.  I know that I was supposed to just film something and submit it for assessment but this being my third course I feel that am now a little bit past just doing a project without researching it first.  In this case I had never used my camera for anything other than still photography; so I had to learn how to use the video features and I wanted to at least try to make a half descent attempt at making a film that would be too embarrassing to re-watch at a later date.

Matts feedback was very kind and complementary; so I guess all that reading and research paid off.  I am going to have to invest in more equipment as my tripod is only setup for still photography and the inbuilt mic on my camera is not very good.  I am still going through a major learning curve with Final-Cut-Pro that I decided to invest in and I am not happy with the colour reproduction which is very neutral almost like RAW looks. It appears that I can not make the same edit adjustments to the image files of MOV as I can with RAW but I could be wrong.  If however, this is the case I may be able to set the colour settings in camera as you can with JPEGs for future films.

I shall take on board Matts comments especially the transitions.

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