Tutor’s report for assignment V

Shaun Mullins Ass. Fback 05

My Tutor’s report.

My revised film as a result of my Tutor’s comments.

Password: shaun512659


I have received my report for assignment V which I have linked above.

As a result of his critique, I have re-edited my film by cutting some footage; replacing some; adding and removing some soundtracks.

From 00:00:00 – 00:01:40

My tutor’s criticism was on my use of the Dutch-angle and a trebly dialogue.

There wasn’t anything I could do about the dutch-angle as I could not re-shoot; so I decided to remove the blur in order for it to look less of a dream and I adjust the sound which I hope is better.

00:01:40 – 00:02:21

My tutor suggested I shorten this scene to make it sharper and add a wide shot.  This I did; but I only had a short piece of footage for the wide shot.

00:-2:21 – 00:03:44

My tutor criticised my over use of the cross-dissolves and suggested adding some wind effects.  He also suggested that I altered the nursery ryhme to sound as if it is being carried on the wind by making it echo, with it perhaps getting louder as the film develops.  With a little playing around I came up with an echo that I hope works.

00:03:44 – 00:04:18

My tutor wasn’t sure about this scene, suggesting trying cutting it out.

I looked at this; but I preferred to cut it down instead leaving in the one shot of a dark figure standing someway off behind him on the beach.  I also added the sound of wind but altered it to reflect the new more open location.

00:04:18 – 00:05:57

My tutor felt that I needed to adjust the exposure settings and perhaps add a vignette to tone down the lighting add make it a more claustrophobic space and add the sound of the light switch.  He also criticised the abrupt camera movement.

I have attempted to amend this scene by replacing the shot with the abrupt movement and re-adjusting the exposure settings in the colour-pallet and I have also added a vignette that has also helped and added the sound for the light switch.

00:05:57 – 00:07:33

My tutor comments on a quick shot of the protagonists walking stick landing on the gravel and the shots of my ghost.  He suggested I either cut the ghost or do something about the sound.

I removed to shot of the walking stick  and shortened the shots of the ghost and replaced the sound with something more scary (I hope).  I felt that I needed to keep the shots of the ghost or his running and sudden awakenings made no sense.

00:07:33 – 00:08:19

My tutor suggested shortening this scene with my character getting up and just leaving.  I did not agree with this as I want to emphasise the two double-gangers; so I cut out a couple of shots a re-ordered what I kept.

00:08:19 – End

My tutor didn’t criticise this section but as a result of my new changes I made some changes here as a result.

I added a base sound for the POV shots of the second character as he is running to the groyne and  I changed the sound to the scream in his dreams as the ghost lunges on to my character and I added the tinnitus sound to the shot of the dying man’s hand.

My new film is now 00:08:51 long.

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