The Spoken Image

The Spoken Image

This book by Clive Scott and published by Reaktion Books Ltd ISBN: 1-86189-032-X is a book left over from my reading for my last course which was Context and Narrative.  It wasn’t on the reading list but it covered the subject matter of my course but in the end I read over 30 books for this course and this one got left behind.  I have however, kept it on my to read pile planning to get around to reading it but prioritising on my current syllabus of film-making.  I have finally finished this book having taken almost two months to plough through it.  I persevered with this book but quite frankly I thought that the author spoke a lot without actually saying very much.  Moreover his writing style is such that when you put the book down and pick it up again the thread of his arguments are lost and his writing becomes nothing more than intellectual nonsense.  The sort of drivel that idiots pretend to understand when really there isn’t anything to understand.  This author liked to make lots of references to philosophers and coined words for certain ideas such as Barthes puntum and studium and french words and expressions without translation to inform us of his academic prowess but it only made his work harder to read and less interesting.

Not a book I would recommend; but now I’ve read it I can cross it off any required or recommended reading lists in the future.



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