Final Cut Pro 10.3 How it works


I am a little disappointed with this book.  I purchased it as a hard copy as opposed to a JPEG or a iBook my option was the most expensive and doesn’t come with updates but I prefer to read from a proper printed book that I can pick-up and put down when and where I like.  The reason for my disappointment was that I felt that this book is more for someone who is into sound than image, as the author devotes over a 100 pages to audio one great detail and skims over much of the video editing.  Also the first few chapters goes in to great detail in to how Final-Cut-Pro works as a data manager and although understanding this section and appreciating the importance of organising your files and safely storing them again more effort was directed here than to the film editing.  I have learned a lot more about Final-Cut-Pro from this book I don’t deny it; but topics such as syncing sound to image and linking them together was skimmed and intact simply cut and pasted from Final-Cut-Pro’s own help section.  In fact the author did not use one example of proper film-making techniques using separate audio and video files to combine.  Another section he only very briefly covered without any proper explanations was the Blending Mode and Opacity and the effects were skimmed over.

When I began my course Setting the Scene with OCA I didn’t have an editing software suite for film-making and I spent a lot of time procrastinating between Adobe’s Premier and Apple’s Final-Cut-Pro and after much consideration decided upon Final-Cut-Pro.  The deal breaker I guess was the fact that I would own Final-Cut-Pro and that it included a very comprehensive audio editing package.  For the most part I managed to work out most of the basic functions that I found through trial and error and persevering with the help menu for the online tutorial; but I decided that I really needed to find a book that could give me a better understanding of how to use this program more effectively.  Searching on Amazon I came upon this book which was expensive; but promised to be fully illustrated with diagrams and up to date to the latest Final-Cut-Pro edition; so I ordered it but it arrived too late for me to be able to read before finishing assignment 4.

In conclusion, I have learned a lot about the audio features and as a result I now know what a keyframe is and how I can use it for audio and video.  I have been given useful advice as to the correct / best workflow for both audio and video as Final-Cut-Pro has not put the controls in an order for editing but in an order of most used.  This as the author points out means that some controls that impact on others are the wrong way around.  However, I feel a little short changed on missing out on instruction for video that I most need.  I therefor would not recommend this book as the best choice.

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