Film language

As part of my reading I have read much about ‘film-language’ I am finding this is a little bit mysterious but intriguing.  I have been trying to understand this aspect of film-making and I have noticed that colour appears to play a big part in film-language.  For example I recently saw a film called Las Vegas 21 about Harvard University students under the direction and influence of their math teacher Kevin Spacey to count cards at the Las Vegas Casinos.  Notably the scenes with the group in their exclusive penthouse hotel  rooms, the light is a rich golden yellow light, creating a feeling of opulence and luxury.  I notice that this colour lighting is also used on the love interest of the blond female protagonist seen as the golden prize to the hero of the story. (Night club scene.) 

Another movie The Final Portrait uses more muted colours to create a sense of the past as the film is set in the early 1960’s.

A movie I saw the other night which is a horror / action movie uses colour to create atmosphere, feelings of threat (approaching Turkish army) and security warm fire light inside the castle.

With my latest short-film for assignment 4 I have tried to use colour to alter the feeling for each scene to reflect the locations.


I also used a slider in the kitchen scene to create a feeling of communication as a meeting place is suggested to the female protagonist who is listening to the caller on her mobile.

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