Editing Assignment 4

For this assignment I spent a lot more time considering the audio aspect to to the film using multiple tracks overlaying sounds such as a mobile phone ringing with the sound of the shower and changing the volume of the tracks to suit the locations.  The bathroom scene from the shower the mobile is quieter and from the mobile the shower is quieter.  The kettle changes volume for the same reason in the kitchen and I also used the same technique with the different shots in the park.  I also added a sound of an old motor driven SLR camera that I found and down loaded from a website and recorded some wild-sounds for my film namely the kettle separately from the action and also the mobile to obtain a clean sound that I could use on top of the dialogue.  I also recorded atmosphere on the locations.  The sound of the wood pigeon was genuinely calling during our filming, the only sound that I used from another source was the SLR.  I used some J-cuts namely, mobile to kitchen with the sound of the kettle; kitchen to motorway bridge merging the sound of the rushing cars with the steam from the kettle.  I also used L-cuts to help smooth transitional sound tracks from one shot to another.  In also used fades for change of scene from car to park and also to help create depth as the male walks away.  I feel that I managed to create a sense of depth too my audio which was part of the challenge for this assignment.

In the production, I also discovered and used the tone and colour controls to try and lift my images from the flat almost RAW state to a more processed condition.  I still have a lot to learn with editing, I have just started to read a Final-Cut-Pro 10.3 manual that I purchased from Amazon; so I hope that my work will begin to look and present better as I get more familiar with all the hidden features.

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