Up to know I have simply been using Lightroom to Import video clips to my computer in order to keep them filed in the same order as my still images, then in Final-Cut-Pro I have imported across for all my editing.  I thought that apart from Import there were no other features in Lightroom that I could use.  I was wrong.

(I am currently reading ‘The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC / Lightroom 6 Book by Martin Evening, published by Adobe Press, ISBN: 978-0-3929-19-5.)

Lightroom was designed and engineered for still photography however, Adobe has introduced a basic movie editing package with Lightroom.  there is no video editing supported in the Develop-Module of Lightroom, which is why I thought Lightroom can not edit movie clips.  However, if after Importing the video clips you remain in the Library-Module you will discover that on the right hand side you have a Quick-Develop panel and here you can make some basic options: Saved Presets, colour / greyscale conversion, white-balance, exposure, contrast, whites, blacks and vibrants or press Auto-Tone.  Clips can also be spliced.

There is one other way to make some more adjustments.  Create a Preset.

Create a Preset for Cine in Lightroom:

Under the clip you wish to edit is a slider for the play, slide this to a frame that makes a suitable capture for a JPEG still image.  At the end of that bar you will find a small frame like rectangle next to a cog-wheel, click on the frame and a small drop down menu offering either Capture-Frame, Set-Poster-Frame, choose Capture-Frame.  You have now created a JPEG image of the frozen frame that you are looking at, this will be visible in your Library for todays imported video clips and photos.  Open this image and go to the Develop-Module.  You can now make some adjustments to this image to improve it for example making adjustments with the Tone-Curve and applying some adjustments in Split-Tone.  Now save these adjustments in Presets and give it a suitable name.  Re-open your clip in Library, under the Quick-Development banner your first option is Saved Presets, click on the tiny up and down arrows in the Saved Preset box and choose User Presets, select the new Preset that you have named and saved a few moments ago.  This will make the new adjustments.  You may get a warning that all the adjustments you may have made in the Preset are not supported but Tone-Curve and Split-Tone are.

One problem with this is that the changes are not remembered when importing to Final-Cut-Pro, this may be remembered if using Adobe’s own Premier editing suit; but I don’t have it.  I have done a test by sending two versions of  short 3 second clip to Vimeo one a before and one an after to see if the adjustments are remembered when publishing through Lightroom.  As you can see there is a change to the tone of these two clips; but it is only possible for me to utilise Lightroom’s features if only working in Lightroom and publishing directly from Lightroom.



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