Basics Film-Making published by AVA written by Charlotte Worthington, ISBN: 13: 978-2-940373-57-4.

I guess I am a bit of a bookworm, as the Basics, Film-Making series of books were not listed on my course as required or even recommended reading.  I guess I am not too bright as only a small fraction of what I read appears to go in to my head; so the more I read from different sources the more likely it sticks and I can remember it.  Anyway, I thought this book might help with providing additional tips on making films.

The book as titled is all about what Producers do and how the do it.  A useful book for both student or amateur film-maker as this outlines a lot of useful things needed to know such as awareness of the law, copyright, health-and-safety, planning, planning and more planning.  Useful websites for advice and research, tips on budgeting and organisation tips.  This book looks at the overall job of a Producer, plus it has separate chapters examining Producers working in Drama, Documentary and Magazine shows / live T.V. News, etc.  This book breaks down all the typical tasks and challenges that Producers face with case-studies  and interviews.

A good book, easy to read and follow, I am not sure if I learned anything new; but a lot of important codes-of-practice and important basic preparation practices to follow were reminded and re-inforced.

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