Reflection for Assignment 3

This was challenging for me in a very different way to other challenges that I have faced.  In this one I had to be a story teller / writer as well as photographer / film-maker and for a long time my mind blank to creating a satisfactory short-story.  Only when I had the time to relax with my wife on a beach could I begin to come up with some ideas.

Whilst filming I discovered very that I hadn’t fully learned how to correctly operate my digital audio recorder, this was partly my fault due to lack of practice and also the manual is very difficult to use as it simply assumes the owners prior knowledge to audio recording equipment. As a result I had to re-record the ambient sounds in the kitchen as I prepare the meal, re-record the fire alarm and re-shoot my telephone conversation scene.


As I was in most of the shots I was unable to find much opportunity to make any dolly-shots; but I was able to at least get one in using my newly acquired slider for the brochure shot.


I feel that I have met the criteria for this assignment, I have created a short-story with a beginning middle and end or in Hollywood speak set-up, complication and development, climax and epilogue.

I believe that I have included a good range of editing techniques to demonstrate my understanding of them, including good use of continuity-editing.

I kept the camera mounted for most of the shots and I was very careful to control the exposure, framing, focusing and white-balance, some of these are tricky when you are both filming and being in front of the camera at the same time.


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