Message in a Bottle

Message in a Bottle’ directed by Luis Mandoki, Cinematographer, Caleb Deschanel, Editor, Steven Weisberg, starring Kevin Costner,Robin Wright-Penn,  Paul Newman and Robbie Coltrain.

My wife found this video in my mother’s flat in Spain and we watched it one night whilst on holiday.  I felt that I must blog a particular bridging method that the film-editor Stephen Weisberg used at the beginning of the movie,(used in the movie’s trailer).   The heroin Theresa (Wright-Penn) finds a message in a bottle on a beach whilst out jogging and as she starts to read the letter we hear her voice.  The shot changes to a covering shot for a view of Chicago indicating a change of location and time but there is no pause or break in the narration from Teresa as she reads the letter and we move to a new shot of an open office and we pan back to Teresa wearing an office suit reading the letter to her colleagues.   Clearly the soundtrack had been taken from the last shot in this sequence (with her colleagues) and used as a thread for all the proceeding shots that began with her in a jogging outfit on the beach.  This was a good use of sound to carry the audience from a beach on the Atlantic coast to her home and place of work in Chicago for the development of the story.




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