Transitions – fades, dissolves and wipes.


I have been playing around with Final-Cut-Pro to learn which transitions are wipes and dissolves for future use.  I have started to get a better understanding how transitions work and I have learned how I can change the direction of a wipe from right or left and even up and down also the duration of the transition can be stretched or minimised over the cut between the two shots.

The fade-to-colour is my transition for fade-in and fade-out for beginning and ending my film.

The cross-dissolve merges one shot in to another shot that we typically see in a lot of movies.

Another transition very popular with film-makers is the wipe.  This can be set to transition two shots with the wipe either moving horizontal or vertically.  A famous wipe that immediately spring to my mind is in George Lucas’ Star Wars, Skywalker has been rescued from attack by Obi-Wan-Kanobi from the Sand People and finds C3PO broken, as they pick-up the top half of the robot the wipe transition follows the level of C3PO’s waist as the scene moves to Obi-Wan’s home.  In this example I have used the motivation of an opening door for the transition wipe.



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