The Stranger Directed by Orson Welles

Made in 1946 starring Orson welles, Edward G Robinson and Loretta Young.  This movie is a very good thriller set in a small town in Connecticut where the small peaceful and friendly town has an escaped Nazi in it’s midst.  Some good examples of continuity editing and a clever use of montage in the scene towards the climax when Loretta Young having discovered that her new husband is the Nazi and is trying to kill her she gives him a fire poker in her despair willing him on the murder her.

1:25:50 in to the movie Welles uses a shot of the wife offering her husband the fire poker, cutting to a shot of the fire poker landing on the carpeted floor, a shot of a door swinging shut then a shot of Edward G Robinson bursting in to the room from another door attempting to save the women and capture the fugitive.  The shot of the fire poker instantly suggests that the killer has acted and thrown down the murder weapon away followed by the shot of the swinging door to imply his escape.



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