Project Film – Transformation

In this project I have taken three shots from two angles in which a subject in the picture transforms from one thing to another.

In the famous 1948 film, ‘The Red Shoes” by Michael Powell and Emerich Pressburger, (cinematography by Jack Cardiff) we have a scene in which the dancer is trying to remove the red shoes and tries to cut them off with a knife the evil shoe-maker has given her but as she tries to use them they turn into a leafy twig and turn back to a knife when she throws it to the floor in despair.

In fact this technique is used twice in this dance sequence, the first time is 02:40 seconds in to this YouTube clip when the dancer jumps and lands on point wearing the shoes then the more elaborate knife and leafy twig scene starting at 13:54 on the timeline.  On a separate note it is also worth looking at Cardiff’s lighting and use of vivid colours for this sequence as well.

I have experimented this technique with my camera, tripod, a knife and a pen made to look like the Walt Disney, Snow White.  I made three shots one holding the pen then the camera reset to a new angle to film the falling pen as it reaches the ground and the third shot of a falling knife.

ISO-125, 50mm f/1.8, first shot, f/s 200, f/11 second and third shots f/s 200, f/14


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