Continuity Editing.

To create a logical visual narrative a method known as continuity-editing is employed.  When editing was first introduced around the turn of the 20th century it was realised that a specific order of shots was needed to help the audience make sense of the story, this has become known as continuity-editing.

The idea is simple shots are edited in an order that make visual (and later) audio sense to the audience.  This consists of an establishing-shot such as a location and or time of day, we move on to shots introducing the characters, moving on to scenes of the story complication and development and finally to the scenes containing the climax and epilogue.  within each scene maybe shots that develop the scene in a logical timeline for example a lady is seen outside a door to an office followed by a shot seen from inside the office as she opens the door and enters followed by an over-the-shoulder view from the women shoulder as a man sitting behind a desk stands up too greet her.  If the scene was shown with the first shot being the over-the-shoulder shot followed my the women outside of the office followed by the shot seen from inside of the office as she comes in the audience would be confused and the scene would not make any sense.

In the above images, I have pictures taken from my first assignment and kept in their original order telling the story of a girl who has made a date with a girlfriend to meet for coffee.  The first establishing scene provides the audience with the time, location and plot moving on to introduce the main character still asleep in bed and about to be woken by her alarm clock.  We assume she has got up and is taken her bath before getting herself ready as the dressing table.  We now have the complication as we see her pick up her phone and discover that she has forgotten her appointment.  She rushes to get dressed hurtingly choosing what to wear before leaving the house and driving her car to meet her friend.  We finally see the two friends meet at which point she discovers she is wearing odd shoes.

This is my first use on continuity-editing which was employed for my first assignment in order to tell a simple narrative relying on only visual storytelling.



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