Sound track for Gravity

As recommended by my Tutor I watched the movie Gravity this evening to learn how sound was used to suggest the atmos of space.

The opening scene begins with a view of the earth from orbit with the faint sound of radio communication that gradually gets louder and the audience can begin to understand what is being said.  As the drama develops the film-makers  have used a mixture of radio signals, heavy breathing, a low-frequency Bass hum and also a more rapid bass beat to suggest the rapid heart-beat of a frightened astronaut.

Interestingly the formula used in this movie seemed similar to that used in Death on the Nile.  The film-maker puts the audience into the scene by providing the sounds that the audience would expect to hear if they were truly there.  In the case of Death on the  Nile it is footsteps or the ticking of a clock, in Gravity we must imagine ourselves observing the events in a space-suit, so we would hear the radio signals etc as presented to us in the soundtrack.


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