Shotgun mic.

Today I ventured in to new territory with my equipment and had a play with my shotgun mic for the first time.  I mounted the mic to a handheld boom which I clamped to a light-stand so I could keep it in a raised position whilst I played with the Tuscam recorder to figure out how to control the microphone.

The shotgun mic requires a 1 x AA battery and it came with a foam windsock but I also invested in a windsock more suitable for outdoor use that I believe is commonly known as a dead-cat.

It took a little time to figure-out how to activate the shotgun mic once connected to the digital recording device (even with reading through the instruction manual).  However, I finally fathomed it out and the next problem was that the volume was very low.  I discovered that the gain was factory set to low for all four mic inputs in the menu settings and by changing this setting to high then adjusting the peak dial for Peak 1L to the midway position provided a good volume of sound in reproduction on my computer.

Sound quality from the shotgun appears good and I now feel ready to employ this new sound recording tool on my next project.



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