Sekonic hand held light-meter

This may be a little late to blog as I have been using my Sekonic light-meter since my first  assignment, but I should record to my learning log that I further developed my knowledge of this unit through working on this course.

I have up to now used this light-meter for my speed-lights and I imediately discovered that when recording in movie mode the recording medium is a little like JPEG, no RAW option; so any poor exposure white-balance can not be remedied later.  My L758DR does offer setting for video cameras and you simply keep turning the dial to beyond 1/8000sec which brings you to Time measurement in f/s and the aperture setting also will correspond to the setting indicated on my camera when switched over to video mode.

To calculate an accurate exposure I am tending to make multi-reading in reflection mode choosing the first reading for my 18%-grey then measuring brightest and darkest areas with some things in between.  Saving these readings in to memory then switching to incident reading to take a measurement of the source saving this to memory as well then averaging all these measurements out to give me a setting that I can either choose to use the recommended  setting or look for alternative setting for brighter or darker effects.


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