Exercise – Creating depth with lighting


In this exercise I had a play around with lighting to create depth-with-light.  For the exercise I elected to use a couple of reading lamps that are fitted with LED bulbs that I use for bedside lamps and a LED torch for backlighting.  I took these still images using my Nikon B800e with a 24-120 f/4 zoom lens, The exposure was measured and calculated using my Sekonic L758DR light-meter.

ISO-125, 1/8 sec f/4.5

In the first sequence of shots I used two lights, the key-light was clamped to a light-stand to the camera and subjects above right at angled at 45 degrees, the fill-light was set and the same height as the subject and to it’s left the ornament in the background was only lit by the spill from both lamps.  I took two separate light-meter readings using my incident-meter by measuring each light-source separately then calculating the ratio which in this case was 16:1, I then averaged the two readings for an exposure-value for my camera.  This is the first time I have used this feature and although it is often used for speed-lights it works just as well for continues-lighting.  I then zoomed in on the nearest subject (24mm)and took a number of images zooming out with each shot until reaching full zoom (120mm).

ISO-125, 1/8 sec, f/5.0.

In this sequence I added a LED torch that a shone down from above the ornamental pig to add background light for the pig.  This I feel is a little better as the pig is still clearly in the background but is now more prominent as would be the intention.  I kept the key-light and fill-light in the same positions but measured the new additional light and added it to the average calculation to adjust my camera’s exposure for the added light.  My new exposure was 1/8 sec, f/5.0.


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