Exercise – Experimenting with lighting design (Bracketing)

In this exercise I have used a method known as bracketing in which three exposures of the same subject are made.  ideally the subject should not move and the camera must be mounted on a tripod.  The first exposure is made at the camera’s / light-meter’s recommended setting then another exposure over-exposed by 1-3 stops and the third exposure 1-3 stops under-exposed.  Then all three exposures are merged in to one to capture both highlight information and shadow information that would normally be lost from a single exposure.  This method increases the dynamic-range in your picture that your camera would normally not be able to achieve.

D800e, 105mm f/2.8, ISO-125

1st exposure: 1/100, f/8

2nd exposure: 1/25, f/8

3rd exposure: 1/640, f/8

I have taken these three exposures and using Photoshop with the layers and mask features I have merged all three pictures and uncovered parts of each images to make a new image to give me highlights and shadows as required.


In this exercise I have created a more three-dimensional image of the monkeys whilst including a brighter background.


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