Mise-en-Scene for assignment 2


I decided not to try to be too ambitious for this second assignment as I had less than a month to plan, prepare and shoot; so I kept the mise-en-scene as simple as possible by using my home for the location specifically my hallway, kitchen and box-room / home-office.

Props again kept simple I chose an egg-timer to suggest limited time passing.


A kettle to help produce an interesting POV as well as another subtle reference to time.


The waste-paper-bin with screwed-up and cast away paper indicating the search for an idea.


The envelope and assignment report as part of the set-up to the story.


My lap-top to indicate some of my research.


My Mac to show me finally working on something.


My books scattered over the table to suggest panic.


Lighting was all ambient.

My wife was pleased to find rooms tidied as I had cleared surfaces, shelves, etc. to remove anything that I thought would distract.


The only scene that was blocked was with my wife and I simply blocked with us sitting facing each other and filmed accordingly.



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