Evaluating my assignment 2 in 500 words.


For assignment 2 my task was to create a short-film with a strong sense of atmosphere and feeling.   I was too employ techniques and concepts covered in part two whilst demonstrating a critical awareness of the effectiveness of the use of these techniques in my work.  Did I achieve this?

Yes, I believe I did.  I used techniques of subjective and objective in scenes. I used the technique of master and cover-shots. I used camera angels when I thought they offered the best point-of-view (POV) for a particular scene. I didn’t however employ camera movement in this particular film as there was no real call for it and I didn’t have suitable equipment to make any camera movements smooth enough to complement the rest of the film.  I didn’t try to shoot this as a single-shot-drama as again this was an un-suitable technique for this particular film.


Mise-en-scene: I didn’t do much blocking other than decide where Sarah and I sat.  Although I only used ambient light I still controlled it to some extent by using a white reflector to bounce light back in to the shadows. Location, I kept simple (my home) costume and make-up was not required, props were used.


Mise-en-shot: I can demonstrate through my choice of prime-lenses and control of the white-balance throughout the movie. Through my manual control of the camera’s exposure with the help of my Sekonic light-meter to maintain an ISO setting of 125.  I employed a tripod throughout the shooting for a steady picture.

I used depth as much as possible to create the illusion of a three dimensional world, this I achieved through composition with angle of view and depth-of-field.  I made use of deep-focus when needed by using my 24mm wide-angle-lens and shallow-focus when required with my 85mm and 105mm lenses.

I used scale-of-shot and framing with my choice of lenses and by moving the camera around whilst looking through the viewfinder for a good POV, this sometimes required raising the camera and on one occasion bringing the camera to floor-level.


I also used the Dutch-angle for a couple of shots, I used this technique for specific reasons as follows: The egg-timer, to add a drama as it appears out of balance and the kettle for tension as it helped fill the negative-space and disguise the reflection of the camera. The main body of the kettle counter-weighs the jars in the background. The bin for tension counter-weights the paper balls.

I composed with the golden-section rule-of-thirds in mind.  In the scene between myself and my wife I believe I got a good balance between the shots.


I have asked friends and family if they believe my film conveys atmosphere and feeling, I am told it does.  I wanted to create something simple but not cliché or naïve.



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