Hollywood Glamour Portraits Edited by John Kobal

Hollywood Glamour Portraits

Hollywood Glamor Portraits, edited by John Kobal, published by Dover Publication, ISBN: 13: 978-0-486-23352-9  ISBN: 10: 0-486-23352-9

This book was inspired by a picture exhibition at the V&A (Victoria & Albert Museum) in 1972.  The exhibition was so successful it went on to tour the UK and USA.  Show-piecing the work of the portrait photographers between 1926 to 1949 these were considered the golden years for the true glamour photography that promoted the Hollywood stars for either there own development or the studio publicity machine the churned out these images for the public.   A great book to refer to for ideas on posing models, composition and lighting.  These pictures were heavily re-touched to create perfect Goddess’  long before Photoshop.  Both the photographers and re-touchers were artist of the like we are probably not going to see again.

I came across this book when I attended a course with Nikon at their school in London for film-noir style portraiture.  The Tutor was referring to this book for practical examples that we practiced in the studio.


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