Sound & Motion for Assignment 2

I have started filming for my second assignment which is creating atmosphere.

For this project I am using sound for the very first time and I am being very ambitious by using a separate audio recorder to capture the sound.  To achieve this I am employing a old fashion style clapper-board that I purchased off Amazon for about £10.  My first shots that I have made also included an active Nikon microphone that I have mounted on top of the camera; but when I began my editing I found that the camera’s mic is too sensitive to everything around it and it was also very hissy.  So I removed the camera’s soundtrack from the movie and added the separately recorded sound that is much cleaner.  For all future filming the camera’s mic is turned off and all sound will be recorded separately during filming and added in editing.  Providing you capture the clapper closing it is easy to drag the sound-bar to the correct position under the image-bar top match up the sound and picture, I am sure there is a clever way of combining the time-code on the film with the time-code of the sound; but matching by eye appears to be good enough.  One point to mention (which was covered in my books) always verbally read out the scene and take number that you have written on your clapper-board for that take in order to easily locate the right soundtrack to film footage when editing later.  You may not edit on the same day; so this small action could save a lot of time later.

The sound recorder I am using is a Tascom DR-70D which has two built in microphones plus has sockets for up to four remote Mics and can be mounted to a tripod or to the base of a DSLR.  The digital audio is stored on an SD-card just like my photos and is easily downloads directly in to Final-Cut-Pro.


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