The Complete Guide to Perspective

The Complete Guide to Perspective

The Complete Guide to Perspective by John Raynes.  Published by Collins & Brown.  ISBN: 1-843-40-087-1

I purchased this book from a Charity Shop for £2 and read it this weekend to add to my mental composition toolbox.  This book is really best for drawing and has little useful information for photography other than offering a better understanding of seeing the world around you from the point-of-view of perspective but I am sure a lot of photographers like to draw anyway; so this book is great for understanding the principles of creating a 3D drawing with a correct perspective.  This is a great book for any student artist wanting to learn to draw as it is very easy to read with good examples both simple and more challenging with good exercises for the student to follow.  I will keep this handy on my book-shelf. for future reference for my drawing skills.

As a footnote I wanted an image of this book-cover for my blog; so I looked up this book on Amazon and to my astonishment found it for sale from £50.04 for a paper-back and between £123.15 – £155.73 for my hard back copy!  Lesson – pay more attention to Charity Shops!!!


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