Exercise in visualizing subjective POV

In this exercise I have used story-boarding with the storyboard template that I have downloaded from the suggested BBC link.

This exercise is to look at creating a scene as seen from the first-person’s POV so the camera becomes one of the characters in the performance at the audience is experiencing the view through this character’s eyes.

My three examples are:

You are talking to someone in a shop. – The person is facing you talking in an animated way, using their hands.

My first three drawings illustrate the POV of the customer asking for assistance from the shopkeeper.  This first image illustrates the shopkeeper reacting to a question that has been put to him as he tries to think of an answer.  The second drawing illustrates the shopkeeper shrugging and becoming unhelpful.  The last image illustrates an angry shopkeeper as he reacts aggressively to the customer.  Beyond the frame is the shop / location only viewed incidentally perhaps mostly out of focus so as not to be distracting but a view of a shops till helps to anchor the location for the story.

Knocking on a door – You knock on the door.  You wait.  The door opened.

My storyboard this is the next three illustrations.  The first simply illustrates a fist knocking on a door as seen my the person knocking.  My second image illustrates the waiting for the door to be opened simply using the shadow of the visitor using a hard back-light.  My last image illustrates the door opening with a dark mysterious view of the unknown beyond.  These images only show the door from a close POV the audience can guess that the visitor is calling from outside by the hard back-light that implies sunlight and this could be supplemented by background noise.  The interior beyond the door is deliberately underexposed to suggest the unknown whilst the door could be a little over-exposed to imply the known.

You are a soldier in enemy territory. – You see ahead of you a group of enemy soldiers.  A sudden sound behind you causes you to glance round.

My last set of sketches illustrate the POV of a soldier who appears to be lost behind enemy lines.  The first image illustrates an open hand holding a compass from the POV of the soldier who is reading it, we also catch a glimpse of a gun he carries with his other hand.  My next drawing illustrates his view through a bush of soldiers walking past just beyond.  My last image illustrates a view through the gun-sight as the soldier glances around and automatically brings his gun to bare.  Beyond the frame the audience can guess that the soldier is in the countryside somewhere again this can be suggested by lighting and background noise.  The bush will reinforce the idea of a larger world with the soldiers seen to be some distance away.  Again the last image illustrates a larger three-dimensional world as the POV swings around to view someone throwing up their hands in order to avoid being shot and we just see the very top of what the audience would recognize as the top of a rifle as seen looking down it’s top length through the gun-sight.





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