Wide shot to close-up

Wide to Close-up


In this exercise I set my camera on a monopod for stability and used my 24-120, f/4, zoom lens to experiment altering the scene composition from a wide shot to a close-up.

My camera does not have a detachable LED display; so it is a bit tricky framing and focusing from the small screen which can not be tilted for a better viewing angle.  I also find turning the zoom tricky as it is difficult to move smoothly as not was not designed for video.  I also am finding that the manual focus is best but needs more practice and again a little tricky to operate as is is a lot thinner, I will try to figure out some kind of levers that I can strap to the zoom and focus rings on the lens for easier operation and control.

In this exercise I also discovered a feature in Final-Cut-Pro that allows you to reverse the movie take; so that the scene plays backwards with the end of the take now the beginning.  This naturally is only good when sound is not an important ingredient to the image such as matching voice to lips after the take has been reversed.


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