Exercise – Building a story


In this exercise I chose a picture created by Ann Miles this photograph was (I believe) taken in Moscow, Russia.  A very nice composition of Muscovite’s enjoying open air ice-skating in Gorky Park.

Taking this image I have cropped down six separate pictures all suggesting a separate narrative.

In a Hollywood movie this first image could represent the covering-scene which is the scene photographed from a wide-angle point-of-view (POV) and then the scene is often re-enacted and rephotographed with covering-shots for close-up images of the same scene from new camera angels or simply with closer zoom / magnification.


This image crops out the rest of the scene zooming in on these young people holding hands.  We could suggest that these people are blind and being guided by the young man on the far right.


The camera pans and zooms to a couple that appear to be in the middle of an embrace this is their last day together before he returns to his Regiment.


In this image a child watches in despair as her parents argue yet again.


In this scene the girl is on a collision course with the young guy which results in a tragic love-affair.


Three hoodlums select and stalk their victim.


In this scene the composition is off kilter with a Dutch-angle (or Deutsche-angle) to suggest that something is not quite right, something is about to happen.


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