Exercise 3 – Conceptual and thematic ideas

In this exercise, I am taking forward my thought from exercise 1 and 2 to further develop them.

Taking the recent experience I had with my late mother-in-law, I want to explore these feelings that I am having.  Perhaps it will appear as insensitive to some, being so close to her death; but for me I think this is a good time to work out my mixed feelings and be able to (mentally at least)make  full peace with my mother-in-law.  I would like to be in a place where I can forget the unpleasantness and remember the happy times and perhaps as a result be able to make peace with other members of my wife’s family, who I currently feel are responsible our conflict and my mother-in-law’s sad early death.

Below is the handwritten notes that I have made to try to thrash-out  my ideas on paper.

I first looked up the meanings of grief, love and hate in an Oxford Dictionary:

Grief – Intense sorrow.  Trouble or annoyance.

Grieve – Feeling of intense sorrow.  Cause great distress to.

Love – Strong feelings of affection.  Like very much.  A great interest and pleasure in something.

Hate – Feel very strong dislike for..

Hateful – Very unkind or unpleasant.

Hatred – Very strong hate.

Idea one.

An examination on the feelings of grief and how it can affect you; your perceptions; your reflections.

Idea two.

An examination of the emotion of love against hate.  How love and hate can be closely related with a co-dependency.

Idea one – Grief

Feelings connected with grief:  Guilt, sadness, loss, emptiness, nostalgia, self-pity, loneliness, fear, anger.

Ideas for photographic elements

Old photos and snap-shots both formal and informal, footage from old cine-film or video or fabricated footage made to look like old cine-film or video of happier times.  An empty chair, ECU of tearful eyes.  A flashback to an argument.  An image of someone alone, perhaps standing and appearing to be moving in real-time whilst the world around moves at a faster speed unaware of the person it passes by to create an impression of loneliness.


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