Exercise 2 – Analysis

Taking the first idea from exercise one, I have written out a small mind-map expanding on the theme of love and hate in relationships.


If I was to make a film from this idea I would plan it as follows:

Set-up / Act 1.  Son-in-law arrives in car with his wife, she asks him to come with her to support her whilst she visits her sick mother.  He is clearly reluctant.

Cut-to a scene with him shouting into a phone, “Don’t hang up on me!!” realizing he is talking to himself he slams down the phone and says loudly, “That’s it! I’ve had enough! she’s your mother – I want no more to do with her!”

Cut-back to the car His wife tells him she is very ill and begs for his support – he reluctantly agrees.

Complication / Development, Act 2

Cut-to arriving to his mother-in-law’s room she is dozing and is awakened by her daughter who greets her.  She is clearly very ill and perhaps disabled by a stroke or dementia as she is unable to speak; but her face and eyes suggest joy and seeing her daughter.  Having identified her daughter she sees her son-in-law, her expression continues to show joy.  Looking at her son-in-law She tries to speak, he tries to help, just then a nurse comes in she is talking and fussing over mother-in-law.  The moment is gone she slips back in to her drowsy condition only occasionally waking again to recall where she is and all that is around her but she is now too tired to try to make sense to anyone, she becomes aware of her son-in-law taking her hand.

Fade-to scene at Christmas, the sun-in-law looks younger he is a little drunk he is teasing her prim and proper attitude by taking her hand to dance with him, she pushes him away telling him not to act so stupidly; but is can not hide her flattery.

Climax and epilogue, Act 3

Fade-back to the room, his hand slips away, they are gone, she is alone.  She closes her eyes. Fade-out.

Cut-to son-in-law is hugging his wife who is crying uncontrollably a mirror is in the background that the son-in-law is facing towards we zoom to the mirror and tears are in the son-in-laws eyes.

Fade-to another scene the son-in-law is with his mother-in-law they are both watching a movie with the rest of the family it is a film she has introduced to him knowing his interest in films.  A Betty Davies, ‘Dark Victory’ the son-in-law feeling foolish wipes a tear away.  Fade-out.  Fin.


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