Exercise 1 – Ideas from your life.

Two ideas from my own life:

The love hating relationship.

My wife’s mother has just passed away and although my relationship with her was very stormy the news of her death hit me harder than I ever expected.  How can the emotions of hate and love get so mixed up? My mother-in-law was a very intelligent woman and just before she died I visited her in a Care Home, I had not seen her for almost a year, she appeared to recognize me but couldn’t speak and I had the strong impression she was very pleased to see me.  I believe she tried to say something to me and I tried to assure her that I understood her efforts.  My mother-in-law harmed her own family as a result of her selfishness and eating disorder; she was a snob and very foolish.  Yet when I saw what she done to herself through self-neglect and self-pity, I felt very sorry for her and able to forgive her.  Perhaps that was what she was trying to communicate.

Our new Dog.

We have adopted a new Dog from Battersea Dog’s Home.  She was “Gifted” to the home from a Breeder.  Her she clearly had a bad time of it as a younger dog and at the age of 4 when she was passed her best commercial puppy bearing age she was “Gifted”.  She has begun a new life with us, she is discovering life as a loved pet and we are discovering a dog finding her confidence, and her personality.


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