Reflections for Assignment One

Assignment One Brief – To make a short film (1-3 minutes) about the identity that is expressed in the clothes people wear.

The running-time for my short film is 00:01:51:11 including credits.

  • You will need to film yourself or a willing actor.

I chose to use actors.

  • You will need a variety of clothes.

I decided to use the idea of indecission as a theme with the the variety of cloths styles and colours that my character pulls out and throws on the bed to decide what to wear.

  • Find a way to express something about the role or purpose associated with clothes.

I used the ballerina doll; the framed picture of the children dressing up as adults and also the clothing catalogue by the bed to illustrate the association of clothes to purpose, roles and for frivolous fashion.

  • Use sound creatively and thoughtfully, both sound originating in the scene and sound effects and music which you add later.

I chose to film with the mic off and added music to support the action with the cock crowing timed with the alarm clock.  The movie starts with the opening music of La Fille Mal Gardee which was written to represents early morning then moving on to Yakety Sax by Boots Randolph for the more racey / humorous development and finale.  Unfamiliar with editing separate scenes together, I felt that it would be easier for my first attempt at film making to film a silent picture and simply add music and any additional sound separately as I reasoned that trying to edit sections of film together whilst trying to match the sound would be very tricky and it would probably be best to record sound and picture separately if necessary.  For this picture I decided to keep it simple and will have a play with syncing sound to picture once I have more experience.

  • The film can be narrative or non-narrative (poetic or experimental).

I chose to create a short humorous visual narrative.






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